In project development we understand the interplay between land, capital, the right project idea and its users. It is not primarily about the construction, but rather developing a product that fits to market needs and thereby minimising market risks and increasing the invested capital.

Good developers are generalists. This is both an obligation and a duty.

Acquisition, development and realisation of real estate projects

To identify potential is a skill that requires creativity, experience and in-depth analysis.

How that potential is financially calculated, can be represented with a cash flow projection and then validated.

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Our projects are structured to suit the needs of investors, whether for tax optimisation or optimal leverage.

Projects are financed with classic bank loans.

If necessary, an investor (equity) or lender (mezzanine) can be added to the project structure.

As a developer we remain fundamentally committed to each project and assume risk (hurt money, alignment of interests).
Based on a market analysis, the product is outlined in detail.

Together with reliable and experienced service providers, a goal-oriented implementation is extremely important – already during the planning phase.

Authorities and other stakeholders are connected during the early stages of a project and open communication with neighbors is established.

Although time is a crucial factor for an investment, we believe a precise preparation is crucial for success.

As in the planning phase, we add value through the implementation of experienced market participants.

A detailed tender allows us to keep costs strictly under control.

The exit strategy can, in principle, take place during different stages of development.

We are not brokers or agents, however we market developments ourselves, since no one knows our projects as well as us.