We have experience with over CHF 500 million in acquired project developments, CHF 575 million in successful financing, from which, CHF 60 million is joint venture and mezzanine loans. We are experienced in structuring investments and in the management of companies operating in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. We not only advise clients, but do everything to optimise the additional value of an investment, all with over 25 years of experience.

Investments are made as either equity or debt; both variants are not publicly listed or traded. Thus, investments can be adapted to the needs of investors under certain conditions.

An opportunity for financial investors to engage in the project development phase.

In the short to medium term, do you want to invest capital in real estate?

Do you anticipate a favourable risk-return profile and want to participate in a project’s success?

We can arrange a suitable investment – either in one of our own developments or in a project from our partner network.
As a rule, an investment is a capital commitment lasting between 24-48 months.

An investment consists of a fixed interest component and participation in the project gains (added value).

We structure for you:
  • Private equity: involvement in a project development company
  • Private debt: loans with a kicker for a project development company
Each project is also classically financed, where the current interest rate environment of senior loans (bank financing) is optimally taken advantage of.
We accompany you throughout the entire course of the investment.

Investment management acts as a crossroads between developers and investors.

Deal by deal: you always now exactly how your investment is doing.

We also offer investments for third party projects.
We examine the risks of our own developments as systematically and as focused as for third party projects.

Risks are detected, examined and regularly addressed.

Liquidity is continuously checked against the budgeted liquidity plan.

With structured investment management reporting, you will be regularly and comprehensively updated on your investment.