About Us

"Rendimento connects the worlds of finance, construction and real estate. We understand - through many years of practical experience – the motives and objectives of both buyers and sellers. We are developers and understand risks as well as opportunities. We mediate investors in the areas of private equity or private debt. We are consultants that apply our advice operationally. As a comprehensive partner in real estate and finance, we also draw on an international network of qualified professionals for specific expertise."

Mirco Riondato, Owner

Rendimento develops real estate, structures investments and supports investors.


  • We actively seek development opportunities (land, property).
  • We have a focused investment strategy with a transparent and accountable development process.
  • We do not develop for third parties, but instead participate in risk.
  • We work together with capital-gain-oriented investors (value added & opportunistic).
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  • We offer direct investments during the development and realisation phases (with exit strategy).
  • In doing so, there are variations within the areas of private equity and private debt.
  • We offer an interesting risk-return ratio within a foreseeable timeframe.
  • Deal by deal: you always know exactly how your investment is doing with ongoing reporting.
  • We work in temporary partnerships – but across multiple projects.
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  • Through our network, we find the right investment for you.
  • We support both investors and sellers with a potential analysis and due diligence as well as during the purchase and approval processes (safeguarding buyer’s interests).
  • We structure and finance your project according to your situation and requirements (liquidity planning).
  • We examine your portfolio and service providers (bank, management) and assist in optimising them.
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